We make sure, that your wedding will be the best day of your life!

Think about your wedding dress, not the stress.

Ok guys, so you want to marry …
Have you written the guest list? Designed your wedding invitations? Is the Accommodation all organized? Menu and table decorations been chosen? Band or DJ booked? Has the master of ceremonies been found?
How about the location – has it been sighted, surveyed and booked?
Are we right or do we already feel a sense of panic setting in? If the answer is yes, then here’s the good news: You just relax, while we make sure, that your wedding will be the best day of your life. We will only rest, once you are enjoying your special honeymoon together.
To turn your very special day into a truly unforgettable event, we concentrate on just a few weddings per year. Because a perfect day needs absolute perfect preparation.

Just marry, wherever you want!

There are quite a few people who may not fancy spending their wedding day in dripping weather at home. Good decision, because wherever the sun shines, we shine too. We are specialists in wedding planning in international destinations and have the best contacts worldwide, due to our exclusive EPIC network. Spain? Portugal? Italy? USA? Wherever you fancy we can organize a wedding!
Talk to us and check it out!



… and what I can do for you.

It doesn’t matter where you want to say yes to each other, from Hamburg to Hawaii – we can make it happen anywhere. We and our partners guarantee a trouble-free service and the realization of your dream wedding. What this means is that our worldwide team network will be laid out for you. From amazing locations to excellent service contractors – we are all ready to craft your special day. We believe in uncomplicated and flawless coordination. We offer a full service – soothing your nerves while saving you time and money. All our sub-contractors from our network pool are handpicked, which means: no small printed surprises, if you know what we mean!


This is what you can expect and what I can do for you.

Whatever it is and whatever it takes, a personal chat or a full service – these are some of the things we can offer you: Location scouting and negotiations, design concept, printed papers, budget control, guest management, master of ceremonies, selection and negotiations of services such as florist, make-up artist, DJ / music band, child care, catering, light and sound equipment, marquee rental, videography, wedding car, wedding cake, candy bar / sweet table, guest presents, fashion designer, speechwriter, very special ideas for the big bang… We take care of it all!


#JuveloveStory Part 1 - Jewelery designer Johan and Fredrik from JUVELAN surprise Nadine with a very personal question:




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